Although there are numerous meetings and events that fill our weeks and months, three primary services occupy our attention each week. You are invited to attend any or all of them. None of them are repeated; each is distinct from the other. As always, if you have questions about any of these feel free to contact us.

  • Sunday Morning @ 11 AM

    Preceded by a vigorous Sunday School program that meets at 10 AM, the main service of our church each Sunday morning is at 11 AM. Led by our choir and our excellent instrumentalists, we spend some time in singing, followed by a helpful sermon from our pastor. These messages contain the most variety of any one of our services, generally not being preached in a connected series but rather independently. If you so choose, Children's Church and a nursery are available for your little ones. This is probably the best service to attend if you are not familiar with our church.

  • Sunday Evening @ 6 PM

    The Sweetest Service of the Week, as we call it around here, is undoubtedly the Sunday night service. We sing more in this service than in the others, and the entire family (other than infants) is gathered together. People feel most at home in this service, and there is always a buzz in the air. Our pastor preaches his best on Sunday nights, usually part of a lengthier sermon series from some book in the Bible. At the moment, he is preaching a series of messages entitled "Look Now Toward Heaven". This is probably the best service to attend in order to see the heart of our church.

  • Wednesday Night @ 7 PM

    On Wednesday evenings at 7 PM we meet for our most informal service. During the school year the children participate in King's Kids. In the summer they join the rest of us in the service. We sing, pray together for each other's needs, and then hear a Bible study. Usually these lessons are part of a larger series in which our pastor teaches us about some biblical subject or book. At the moment, he is teaching through I Samuel in a series titled "Prophet, Priest, and King."